Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flying with Steven

I bought my son a Superman costume and told him the ‘S’ stood for Steven.
He held it up to me with the tag poked up to my face and asked, “Daddy, what’s this mean?”
The label said, “wearing this garment does not enable you to fly.”
I tied it around his neck and said, “Yeah it does, kiddo, don’t listen to ‘em. They’ve just forgotten how.”
“Why’d they forget?”
“Because they’re old, old people aren’t very fun. So they can’t fly.”
“I think you’re fun, Daddy, and you’re old. Can you fly?”
“Nope not anymore. Will you teach me how?”
“Yep, but you’ve gotta have a cape. You can’t fly without a cape.”
I bought a batman cape and told him the bat was for Daddy. Because without his glasses, Daddy’s blind as a bat.
“When mommy gets home from work, can we teach her how to fly?”
I’d already bought the cape for Mommy, it was just like Steven’s and I told him the ‘S’ stood for SuperWoman.

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