Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Poem I Become

The poem I become is a sad one and not particularly good either.
It’s all full of convoluted metaphors and exaggerated imagery
just line after line of short strokes to say I was once a man
before I became a poem.

I read an article about a group of women who breastfeed another man’s baby
because his wife wanted it before she died,
that’s a poem I’d like to be.

Or the man in the bible who buys the prostitute who use to be his wife
and pays her to pretend she loves him;
that’s a poem I could be.

Ishmael wrote his prodigal love to his brothers and sisters too fiery for paper
so he wrote it on sand
that’s a poem I might become.

I read about a woman who was alone with her rapist and the children of god
killed her for it;
that’s a poem that can’t be unwritten.

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