Monday, June 20, 2011

Coffee Grinder

I'm not entirely sure but I'm fairly convinced that I may have invented the poetry sequel. Don't look too deeply into that, just take my word for it.

On a side-note: I have a confession to make. Most of the poems you read on The Diary of the Merchant Boy is B-sides. This is not my favorite stuff and I'm sorry.

You're incredibly important to me but so is eating and lots of publications consider any poem on a blog as 'previously published'. They don't like 'previously published'. I hope that you'll be able to read some of my favorite stuff in magazines at some point but until then, there is only this blog.

I hope you like this stuff even though it's not my best. Here is the poetry sequel. Somebody oughta say 'amen'.

Coffee Grinder
the coffee grinder woke me-
she was already awake
in her robe in her kitchen.
The whole kitchen smelled like arabica.

she drinks good coffee

she wouldn’t look over the top of that coffee mug-
she just kind of bit the corner
of her bottom lip in that way she does.

her first words: “I’m old enough
to be your mother”

“No, you’re not”
“You don’t know how old I am”
“That’s fine, because I don’t care”

Her hands gravitated to that slightest, cutest,
softness of her belly.

“She’s prettier than me. And younger. I looked her up
on my daughter’s Facebook.”

She re-filled her coffee mug- she drinks her coffee black
‘like the soles of my come-fuck-me heels’, she likes to joke.

“Lots of women wear beauty like clothing- but you-
you walk in it; gather it around you and let it chase after you”

“You’re too young for me.”
“You’re too old to know I don’t deserve you.”

She snatched up all her hair- that she insists feels like straw-
and rubberbanded it without a thought
and floated over to fill up that mug.

“we should go out for coffee”
“What’s wrong with my coffee?”
“There’s a whole lot more out there than
drinking your coffee black.”

She looked up at me over the top of that coffee mug.


  1. Liked the details about the woman, particularly the come fuck me heels because well nevermind. Going to get coffee as a result of this poem. Very visual.


  2. Your writing creates great visuals. Great skill.