Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sometimes it's less than always

Two things today. Firstly (is that a word? My vote is no but I've committed and like our last president, I will not change my decision even when I am wrong) is the issue of my new film work. I put together a reel of just about everything I did during my last year as a college student. I'd appreciate it if you would watch it.

Just looked it up- it is a word. Don't know why it looked weird.

Watch this.

Nextly, is the issue of poetry. Look at this.

Sometimes it's less than always

Sometimes, there’s nothing I can do to keep from crying
Sometimes, I drink beer in the shower
Sometimes, I think about you
Sometimes, I just think about your ass or your hair or whatever
Sometimes, I drink until I can’t see
Sometimes, people call me Mr. Coleman until they realize how small
I truly am
Sometimes, the sun hides behind a cloud and I find it hard
to believe it still exists
Sometimes, I know how to conjugate verbs in arabic
Sometimes, you smile at me
Sometimes, I pretend you’re smiling just for me
Sometimes, I can run for hours and never get tired
Sometimes, you frighten me
Sometimes, I get tired
Sometimes, two plus two equals five
Sometimes, I wonder if you could be won with a stroke of my pen
Sometimes, I am the fox
Sometimes, I smoke cigarettes like ceremonial incense
Sometimes, I am the hound
Sometimes, I am beautiful
Sometimes, I can’t be seen until I drink
Sometimes, I think I’m good enough for you.
Sometimes, I’m wrong


  1. The reel looks pretty good! Maybe a little too much spinning in the beginning, but otherwise I like it.

    The poem. Sometimes all of the above are true. Sometimes not, but I think always we underestimate ourselves; which is unfortunate.