Saturday, August 13, 2011


It's been almost a month. Does it feel that long to you? Maybe you don't wait for these poems the way I imagine you do. I like to think that you do though because that matters to me.

If it's any sort of consolation, every day I don't write a poem feels like a week. So a month in blogyears is like a lifetime in poettime.

But now, I've got lots saved up and I've got some trojan horses to pull from the stables. So what say you to a poem a week for a month???? Yay or nay?


I am Bigger than black-

I have a mirror the size of africa
and I ask it questions in rhyming couplets-

I am more than slavery and slaves
and slavebreakers,
african princes who came to the colonies with nothing
but their lives and left with less.

I am more than house niggers eating scraps
from the master’s table.

I am not the so-called negro in America;
I am not an african in America-

I am greater than the sum of my parts
scattered and reassembled at appomatox.

I am a bigger word than miscegenation-

I am larger than horse-faced gods and lion-breasted goddesses

I am beyond the pale
Roman-Dutch-British occupation.

I am older than my face.

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