Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thin Black Line

Soooo, I know I said that I would update this blog once a week and apparently, I missed a week. No one said a word about my missed week so that makes me think that no one reads this. Mayhap that's the truth...

Anyways, a word before the poem: in police circles, there are two kinds of people- law abiding citizens and criminals and the thing that separates them is the police force ie. the thin blue line...

Thin Black Line

I learned to kill monsters
before I learned to tie my shoes-

I considered the great responsibility
of bringing criminals to justice
and bringing justice to criminals
as my shield to bear-

I felt the staggering weight
of what we call ‘good and evil’
and the unstoppable force that drives it
and the immovable object in its path-
or the other way around-

I looked into the abyss
before my first day of big kid school
and found evildoers looking back at me;
monsters in every closet and under
every bed-

I became a concerned citizen
but those places have no hotlines to congressmen
so I asked my caped crusader,
“what is to be done?”

He helps those who help themselves
the Good comic Book once said-
I bought hockey pads
and a mask that velcro’d
over my face-

I became the thin black line.

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