Friday, September 23, 2011


I'm thinking that I should do more than simply post poetry on here. My irreverent skewering of current events and liquor or something like that. What say you?

This poem is about breathing and my various failings at doing so. Get some.


I can’t breathe
but I can speak smoke

I can’t breathe
sometimes when I hold her
like a conversation that begs to be had
while running at the suicide pace of the prodigal son
afraid he’s arrived too late
I can’t breathe
feeling into being without the perfect string of words
at the dazzling heights necessary for a fall
worthy of bible tragedies

I can’t breathe
for fear of blowing the world off its axis

I can’t breathe
with the staggering weight of brand new gods
crushing my chest

I can’t breathe
on Jupiter’s moons
though there is some debate to suggest otherwise

I can’t breathe

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is the first of a series of poems dealing with the character of Astro-Man.

Have fun.

Astro-Man #1

Astro-Man wears an ice blue cape,
a fireside chat smile, and the cosmos on his chest

yeah, we were all a little safer with him around.

he had a thousand arms made of polished bronze
for hugging the whole city.

when our city cried broken glass he made it look like diamonds
yeah, we were all a little better off with him in the sky

ain’t no villains no more
so theren’t no one t fight
don’t need a fist-swinging, wife-stealing, white-toothed
badass like Astro-Man
with no one t fight
reckon that’s why he took t killing
crime of passion they callt it

the renowned philanderer and philanthropist,
self-proclaimed savior,
thorny crowned king of image and PR
Astro-Man was found guilty
of homicidal negligence and dereliction
of duty.

He is currently beyond our reach.