Thursday, September 15, 2011


This is the first of a series of poems dealing with the character of Astro-Man.

Have fun.

Astro-Man #1

Astro-Man wears an ice blue cape,
a fireside chat smile, and the cosmos on his chest

yeah, we were all a little safer with him around.

he had a thousand arms made of polished bronze
for hugging the whole city.

when our city cried broken glass he made it look like diamonds
yeah, we were all a little better off with him in the sky

ain’t no villains no more
so theren’t no one t fight
don’t need a fist-swinging, wife-stealing, white-toothed
badass like Astro-Man
with no one t fight
reckon that’s why he took t killing
crime of passion they callt it

the renowned philanderer and philanthropist,
self-proclaimed savior,
thorny crowned king of image and PR
Astro-Man was found guilty
of homicidal negligence and dereliction
of duty.

He is currently beyond our reach.

1 comment:

  1. I like the story and I look forward to the rest! Was it intentional that the 5th phrase be in an accent and the rest not?